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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Photos 2 (July 30)

31. července 2009 v 17:11 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Appearences & Events
Včera sa Ashley súčastnila Late Night With Jimmy Fallon v New York City.
Foto z akcie nájdete nižšie. A fotky ako Ash prichádzala na túto akciu nájdete TU!!

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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Photos (July 30)

31. července 2009 v 17:07 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009
Včera bola Ashley videná, ako priška na Late Night With Jimmy Fallon v New York City.
Fotky ako Ashley prichádza prichádzala na túto akciu nájdete nižšie.
Fotky z akcie nájdete TU!!

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Interview (July 30)

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Ashley Tisdale interview on CBS

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New AshleyTisdale.com contest

31. července 2009 v 10:39 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Interest

AshleyTisdale.Com: Starting every Thrusday, we'll be hosting brand new contests here on Ashley's website. To kick off the first contest, we want to celebrate the release of Ashley's new album Guilty Pleasure! We want you to share your reviews & post photos with the new album for a chance to win an autographed Guilty Pleasure prize pack! For more details on the contest and how to enter, visit AshleyTisdale.com.

Smallz & Raskind - 2009

30. července 2009 v 21:58 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  2009
Photoshoot nofotil: Smallz & Raskind
Rok nafotenia: 2009
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Dan MacMedan - photo 0.1

30. července 2009 v 21:53 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Shoot - Updates
Objavila na prvá fotka z nového shotu,
ktorý nafotil známi fotograf Dan MacMedan.
Ashley je na ten fotke prekrásna!

Usa Today - Interview

30. července 2009 v 21:50 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Interest
Ashley Tisdale, the actress who brought High School Musical's snobby bad-girl Sharpay Evans to life, steps outside the Disney fold this Friday, starring in Aliens in the Attic, her first post-HSM feature. And she's not stopping there: Tisdale's sophomore album, Guilty Pleasure, aimed at a more mature audience, hit shelves Tuesday.

In Aliens in the Attic, Tisdale plays college-bound high school student Bethany Pearson, whose family's vacation home in Michigan gets invaded by pint-sized aliens. She shot the film just before High School Musical 3, knowing it would be the first thing fans see after she finished the Disney trilogy.

The New Jersey native, 24, says she's taking her career to the next level but is in no rush to grow up or out of her niche.

"I'm easing into it," she says. "If you go too far, that can kind of hurt you. So I just take baby steps. Once you're playing the older roles, you're there forever after that. You can never go backward. So I'm taking my time getting there."

"The subjects (of the songs) are a little bit more mature. There's a lot of breakup songs, and then there are songs that are role-playing in a relationship, and innuendos like 'I like what you do to my hair,' so I think you know where that is going," she says, slightly embarrassed. "As a young kid, you don't listen to what they're saying or what they're singing about. You like the beat. You like the music."

One thing Tisdale doesn't like: "the Hollywood life."

"I've gone to clubs before because I love to dance ¡­ but I don't drink or do drugs or smoke. That's something that's not typical, I guess," she says. "I think I'm a big hypochondriac. I see people and it's sad what happens to people when they go down these roads ¡ª really talented people."

Plus, "I've never liked the taste of alcohol. It's not like I haven't had it before. I just don't like the taste. At an early age, I was like, 'So why would I do this?' I've never been a weak person. I'm very strong. I've never given into peer pressure. My mom instilled confidence in me, and I always felt if I'm going to do something, it's because I want to do it."

Tisdale hopes to tour with her album, and though she doesn't have any more movies lined up, Aliens director John Schultz says her future is bright.

"She is like a young Barbra Streisand. She can really be a big comedic actress and then belt out a tune and probably direct a movie in the future," Schultz says. "I hope that she doesn't try to be something she's not. Everybody always wants to do dramatic and meaty roles ¡ª and she probably will do that and do it very well. But she has a gift of comedy that she should never step too far away from. "

Here's what Ashley has to say on other issues:

On the cast hierarchy of HSM:

"When I'm in a movie, I'm not one of those people who forgets their place. I was a third lead in that movie. I was not the star of High School Musical. It was always based on Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens' characters. I loved my character ¡ª she was amazing ¡ª but she wasn't the star."

On growing up in the spotlight:

"My mom and dad wanted me to have a normal childhood, so I went to regular school my whole life so I could have those experiences. I worked in clothing stores growing up, even though I didn't really have to. They wanted me to learn the value of a dollar. At an early age, I knew what I wanted."

On her personality:

"I can be stubborn sometimes and headstrong, but I honestly think it's because I know what I want in life."

On the paparazzi and tabloids:

"They just try to get a reaction out of you so they can sell it and say 'Ashley is crazy!' They're just stalkers with cameras. I just block it out of my life. I'm a very positive person, so I don't really read that stuff. It's not a normal thing to have to go through. I don't find myself that interesting."

On her future:

"I know I'll always have to work hard, and I'm OK with that. With people I grew up with in the business, a lot of it did come easy for them. It was like they just landed into something. But with me, it's always been a difficult road, I've always had to work hard for it. But I don't think I'd have it any other way."

People Magazine reviews Guilty Pleasure

30. července 2009 v 21:41 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  News

On her second album, Ashley Tisdale makes like Ashlee Simpson with punchy pop rock that results in frothy fun. By not taking herself too seriously, the High School Musical actress, though still only a passable singer, graduates to a new level of respectability. The CD kicks off with the bratty "Acting Out", a rebel yell for any good girl who longs to be bad. When Tisdale, who co-wrote this and three other tunes, sings, "I'm gonna break these chains, I'm taking control now," she might be referring to the shackles Disney has had on her. Now 24, Tisdale admits to grown-up desires on the naughty highlight "Hot Mess": "You wake up in your bra and your makeup." But singing about a guy who messes up her tresses in the sack on "Hair," she still has bouncy tween appel.

Guilty Pleasure:

Backstage at The View With Barbara Walters

30. července 2009 v 21:40 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Twitter - Photos
Ashley na svojom Twittery zanechala fotku, ale aj správu:

Barbara and I at The View! It was so much fun. My band did great

Ashley Tisdale: Kissing Zac Efron Was 'DISGUSTING!'

30. července 2009 v 21:33 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Interest
MTV.com: Ashley Tisdale didn't really like kissing Zac Efron. You see she thought it was pretty gross when she had to kiss America's Teen Heartthrob when he made a cameo on Ashley's Disney show, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody."

But if you think she's crazy for feeling this way, her reasoning for having such strong feelings about kissing Zac are viable. She sees him as brother. Well, that seems fair enough. But, we kind of find it hard to believe that she wasn't too upset when she didn't have to kiss her "Aliens in the Attic" co-star, Robert Hoffman.

"Oh I actually didn't have to kiss Robert, thank god! No, I'm just joking," she told MTV News. "I did kiss Zac though. But that wasn't in 'High School Musical.' That was on 'Suite Life.' That was behind closed doors. No, I'm just joking! That was disgusting actually. It was! He's my best friend and so he's like my brother and I've never been attracted to him cause he looked like he was 12 when I met him so¡­"

To make matters worse, not only is Zac like a brother, but he's also Vanessa Hudgen's boyfriend. "So when I had to kiss him in the episode I'm like first of all it's my best friend's boyfriend and it's awkward enough," she said. "But it's like kissing your brother almost ¡­ But he made it really fun and comfortable."

It's On with Alexa Chung show - photos & captures (July 28)

30. července 2009 v 20:32 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Appearences & Events
Ashley bola 28 júla 2009,
v TV show na stanici MTV "It's On with Alexa Chung" v New York City.

Part 1//Part 2

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Leaving It's On With Alexa Chung show (July 28)

30. července 2009 v 19:48 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009
Ashley paparazzi odfotili ako odchádza zo show "It's On With Alexa Chung" kde bola ako inač propagovať Guilty Pleasure!

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AOL Sessions - Ashley Tisdale

30. července 2009 v 19:35 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ
Videá z AOL Sessions live vystúpenia sú teraz k dispozícii!
Ash to nazaj úžastne zaspievala.
Pesničky které tam zaspievala nájdete v tabuľke ktorú nájdete nižšie:

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It's On with Alexa Chung show in NYC (July 28)

30. července 2009 v 18:44 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009
Objavili sa nové Candids fotky z NY, pred vystúpením v TV show Alexa Chung.

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Arrives at JFK Airport in New York City (July 27)

30. července 2009 v 12:57 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009
Ashley bola v deň vydania svojho nového albumu Guilty Pleaure,
v NYC aj s jej mamou aj sestrou.
Ako inač, Ashley bola propagovať GP.
Paparazzi Ashley videli ako priletela na medzinárodné letisko v NYC.
Svoju Maui-nku mala ako ochrane pred novinármi.
Ashley na tam objavila v TV show Alexa Chung.

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Nebudem TU!

28. července 2009 v 12:31 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ
Prepáčte, ale nebudem tu od 28.júla až do 30.júla.
Tak prosím SB, nemažte si ma. papa

Sneak Peak - AOL Sessions & Walmart Soundcheck

28. července 2009 v 12:29 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Other Photos
Objavili sa nové fotky Ashley z AOL Sessions & Walmart Soundcheck.

Walmart Soundcheck

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AOL Sessions

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