Říjen 2009

Ashley & Lisa idú do posilovne.

29. října 2009 v 15:15 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009
Včera bola Ashley videná ako ide do v West Hollywood aj s jej mamou Lisou.


29. října 2009 v 15:11 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Appearences & Events
Ako aj mnoho iných celebrít aj Ashley Tisdale sa zúčastnila na svetovej premiere dlho očakávaného dokumentu o Michaelovi Jacsonovi "This is it".
Ako všetci viete premiéra filmu "This is it" bola 27.októbra.
This Is It - LA Premiere Arrivals - October 27

This Is It - LA Premiere After Party - October 27

Náhrávanie Phineas and Ferb v štúdiu Margarita Mix Studios

29. října 2009 v 15:05 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009
Ashley bola 27. októbra nahrávať animovaní seriál Phineas and Ferb štúdiu Margarita Mix Studios

New Event: The Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular

29. října 2009 v 15:04 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Interest
The Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular, which brings the top stars in both sports together in a single performance, must have been a success at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in December 2008.

They're coming back in a couple of weeks.

The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center and Disson Skating announced the new spectacular will be Friday, Oct. 30, at 7:30 p.m. at the civic center. Tickets are $45 to $125.

The show will feature an all-star lineup in gymnastics, figure skating and music. Olympic gymnasts Shawn Johnson - also a "Dancing with the Stars" winner - and Nastia Liukin will perform. Skaters Todd Eldredge and Emily Hughes will be on the ice. And for music, Ashley Tisdale of "High School Musical" will there as well.

The civic center's new ice arena will be the venue. From what I heard from people who went to last year's spectacular, the floor is divided like a three-ring circus. Gymnasts perform at each end, with skating in the middle.

And if you go, smile a lot. You could be on national television. The performance will be aired on NBC television on Jan. 10, 2010. Check the listings for the exact time.

The show is confirmed via AshleyTisdale.com
Ashley will be performing at the 2009 Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular on Friday, October 30th at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center! The show will feature an all-star lineup in gymnastics, figure skating and music. Along with Ashley, Olympic gymnasts Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin will perform. Skaters Todd Eldredge and Emily Hughes will be on the ice. For more details or to purchase ticket visit the Event Page.

Ashley and Scott riding bikes together

29. října 2009 v 15:03 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009
Ashley sa bola v nedelu aj so Scottom prejisť na bicykli v LA.

Ashley on her way to Equinox Gym

29. října 2009 v 15:01 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009
Ashley si bola 26.októbra zacvičiť v Equinox Gym.

Bravo Leser Top 20

29. října 2009 v 11:02 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Interest
01. Sonny Black & Frank White - Eine Chance
02. Justin Bieber - One Time
03.Miley Cyrus-Party in the USA
04. Tokio Hotel - Automatisch
05. Ashley Tisdale - Crank it Up
06. Jonas Brothers - Fly with Me
07. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
08. Livingston - Broken
09. Panik - Lass mich fallen
10. Pixie Lott - Mama Do
11. Eva Simons - Silly Boy
12. David Guetta feat. Akon - Sexy Bitch
13. Robbie Williams - Bodies
14. Sido - Hey du!
15. Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
16. Shakira - She Wolf
17. Paramore - Ignorance
18. Xavier Naidoo - Alles kann besser werden
19. Flo Rida feat. Nelly Furtado - Jump
20. Silbermond - Krieger des Lichts


28. října 2009 v 17:54 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ
Našla som novú fotku Maiunky..

Please VOTE!!

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Prosím hlasujte za Ashley TU!! Za najlepšie šaty.

Visited a halloween store with Scott

25. října 2009 v 12:19 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009
Včera (24. októbra), Ashley Tisdale a jej priateľ Scott Speer strávili deň spolu v Toluca Lake. Pekný pár navštívili kino Tajomstvo Halloween a potom v obchode si vyzdvihnúť nejaké kostýmy a dekorácie na helloween.


25. října 2009 v 12:15 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Interest
For Aliens in the Attic:
- Favorite Movie Actress Breakout
- Favorite Movie Actress
- Favorite Comedy Movie
- Favorite Family Movie
- Favorite Movie
For her second album, Guilty Pleasure
- Favorite Breakout Artist
- Favorite Female Artist
- Favorite Pop Artist


New Youtube Channel Layout !

25. října 2009 v 12:14 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Interest
Ashley zmenila vzhlad jej officiálneho youtube kanálu.

Microsoft Store Opening in Scottsdale

25. října 2009 v 12:12 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Appearences & Events
Objavili sa nové fotky z akcie "Microsoft Store Opening in Scottsdale". Ashley tam zaspievala pesničky Crank It Up, Hair, It's Alright, It's OK, Hot Mess a Masquerade.

Ashley at the Microsoft Store Opening in Scottsdale - October 22

Ashley performing at the Microsoft Store Opening in Scottsdale - October 22

Body Peace Breakthrough

24. října 2009 v 15:11 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Videos - Interview

Ashley at the Burbank Airport

24. října 2009 v 15:07 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009

Ashley bola videná na letisku v Burbanku.
Ashley tam odohrá koncert koncert "Microsoft store in Scottsdale".

Ashley out and about with a friend in Burbank

24. října 2009 v 11:50 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Candids 2009

Vysmiata Ashley Tisdale bola videná v Burbanku keď išla za svojou kamarátkou.

Hot or Not #6

21. října 2009 v 18:09 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Hot or Not
Hot = páči
Not = nepáči

Hot or Not #5 - Vyhodnotenie

21. října 2009 v 13:31 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  Hot or Not
Prepáčte ale zabudla som na to. Tak teraz je tu vyhodnotenie!
80.8% (21)
19.2% (5)
Takže táto fotka sa Vám páči ako mne.


20. října 2009 v 16:20 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  News
AT.Com:Mark your calendar's and set your DVR's! Ashley will be appearing on a brand new MTV reality show called Styl'd. In each episode, you'll watch as five different junior assistants in the fashion industry style different actors and musicians. Ashley's episode will air as the season finale on December 20th. Look for more details coming soon!


20. října 2009 v 16:19 | ●AsHllEyNkaa●TiZZ |  News
AshleyTisdale.Com: Ashley has added a brand new concert to her schedule! She will be performing at the Microsoft Store in the Scottsdale Fashion Square on October 22nd. Doors open at 10am and and concert tickets being given away to the first 1,000 visitors. If you're lucky enough to snag tickets to the event, Ashley will be performing at 5pm. For more details visit the Event Page.